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Comfort Films

They’re the best aren’t they? For those unfamiliar with what they are; they’re basically films that we never tire of watching, no matter how many times we’ve seen it, and watching them feels like someone’s wrapping a blanket around your shoulders while they make you a hot chocolate and tuck you in all cosy.

I’m eager to know what your comfort films are, so please let me know in the comments below! 🙂 Now, here is a small collection of my favourite comfort films…

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First up, we have my all time favourite film: The Mummy (1999). Starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. I’ve seen this film soooo many times that I now say the lines with the characters, haha! But it leaves me with a warm feeling inside and it’s perfect to watch whenever I’m feeling down and just need some extra comfort. The actors are all brilliant and immerse you into the world they’re exploring, and it’s all round just a fun adventure!

Then we have Captain America: Civil War. Some of you may be a little confused as to why this action packed, drama filled Marvel film is on my comfort list but it just is! It gives me all the fuzzy feels!! Why? Because it’s the first film where we start to see all the characters come together; we’re introduced to Black Panther, and we get more Vision in this one (he’s one of my favourite characters). I also just love the drama. Now, the important question… are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? (For me it’s Captain America all the waaaay!)

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The first Jurassic Park film is a classic! And, as a child, I was OBSESSED with dinosaurs… I still am!! The scene with the T-Rex attacking the kids in the car is always a tense moment, but it certainly isn’t as tense as the scene in the kitchens with the raptors! This is another film you can stick on in the background and not have to worry about missing any of it because you’ve seen it that many times that you can play the whole film from start to finish in your head.

Yes, yes, I’m well aware that Christmas is now officially over but this is one of the greatest comfort films of all time! It’s also my favourite Christmas film. Elf is a heart-warming film that follows Buddy the Elf, played by Will Ferrell, (was I the only one that had a crush on him in this film?) as he heads from Santa’s workshop to New York in order to seek out his real father… who’s on the naughty list!!

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And we’ve come to the end of the list. I do have some more but where’s the fun in showing them all at once? Let me know what you thought of these films and don’t forget to share your comfort films in the comments! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Comfort Films”

  1. The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is my comfort film(s) because it reminds me so positively of my childhood. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen all three films (once even back-to-back-to-back. That was a very long day.)

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