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Disney Animations – Friday Five

This Friday is all about animated Disney movies; and oof, they’re emotional rollercoasters. Have you shed any tears over them, and if so, which ones? I’ve lost count, haha! Anyway, here are five Disney animated movies I will always recommend:

5. Tarzan

First off, the songs! Phil Collins worked magic when he created the songs for this movie. Two Worlds is a classic tune, and You’ll Be in My Heart never fails to bring a tear to the eye. I also love the all round adventure this film has and the side characters are actually funny and not at all annoying (which can sometimes be the case). I loved watching Tarzan and Jane’s relationship develop, and they both went through some big character developments; which is what I love to see most in a movie. I also like the darker turn this movie takes with the character of Clayton and his demise.

4. Encanto

I watched this movie recently, and what a delight it is! It’s very character focused and Mirabel is a highly relatable main character; I also adore her strong willpower and how she’s willing to throw herself into a tough situation in order to save her family and the magic surrounding them. Not only that, but this film has some great songs, catchy too. But make sure you have some tissues at the ready for it’s an emotional movie!

3. Tangled

I love this film so much! I found myself relating to Rapunzel in many ways – living quite a sheltered youth and not really experiencing much of the world that’s out there. It was a joy to watch her see things and experience things for the first time. Also, can’t say Flynn Rider was bad on the eyes either 😉 haha! I See The Light is a song that will always hold a dear spot in my heart, that whole scene is pure magic and gives me goosebumps. Flynn’s character also goes through some massive changes throughout the film and it’s probably my favourite Disney love story.

2. Mulan

There’s plenty to love about this movie! I’ll Make a Man Out of You is one of my all time favourite Disney songs – it really gets the blood pumping! And we can’t mention Mulan without also mentioning the best side character of a Disney animation: Mushu. That little dragon really stole the show with his quick wit and humour. And then there’s Shang Li *sighs*. The song Reflection will always be a classic Disney ballad that we all love to belt out at the top of our lungs. This movie is beloved to many of us for a good many reasons.

1. Beauty and the Beast

This one is my all time favourite! The music is so beautiful, and the minute Tale As Old As Time starts, I’m sobbing – which I do a few times during this film. It’s a very beautiful tale of love and acceptance. I love seeing how Belle and Beast overcome their differences, and again, there’s lots of character development for the Beast’s character specifically. Plus, Lumiere is my second favourite side character after Mushu! How can you not bop to Be Our Guest? I also just love the animation to this one – especially during their dance. And, finally, Gaston is one of my favourite villains – his voice too! ❤

So, there we have it! My top five Disney animation recommendations! Which is your all time favourite Disney film? Let me know in the comments!! 😀

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