Living In The Moment

Testing, testing… Well, hello there. It’s been about a year since I last posted anything on here. It’s been a journey, more so mentally.

Last year was a mess. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Everything I had been suffering with over the course of twelve years (anxiety, depression, etc) just kept building up, and up, and up. To the point where, on the Thursday before New Years, I had a meltdown. I cried for hours and just wanted to turn my phone off, roll over in bed, and ignore the world. I wanted to sink down into my bedcovers and disappear.

I had previously had thoughts about running away, perhaps up to Scotland, to Edinburgh (a place I have only visited once but fell in love with). Yes, that’s what I would do. But then, I realised, all I was doing was running away from my problems. I knew, eventually, they would catch up to me. So, I decided that I would face them instead. Try and resolve a lot of them and hopefully that would make me happier; would lift some weight from overburdened shoulders.

So, I am now on a path of change. It’s like standing in Lobuche, Nepal and looking up at Mount Everest (the peak being happiness and fulfillment). It seems like an impossible climb, so far away, but I know I have to try. One step at a time. I will get there.

In this last section of my post I wanted to share some of the content I’ve been consuming over the past couple weeks that has helped, and is helping me, on this journey.

The first thing is an actor’s roundtable by The Hollywood Report (featuring Brendan Fraser, Austin Butler, Jeremy Pope, Ke Huy Quan, Colin Farrell, and Adam Sandler).

This was a delight to watch; they all respected one another and were supportive towards everyone at the table, no matter their age or experience. Brendan, Jeremy, and Ke’s stories were emotionally inspiring and I urge you to watch the whole thing. But if you don’t have time then I advise watching the last five minutes where they each share a piece of advice; Ke’s had me in tears but what he said has stuck with me.

I would also love to mention HINDZ who appears across most social media outlets but I mainly follow him on YouTube.

This video in particular… I needed it. Needed to hear every word that left his mouth. His soft-spoken words are eloquent and what I think a lot of us, at the start of a new year, need to hear. Or at anytime.

Finally, I would love to share Robin Waldun’s videos with you. I follow him on both Instagram and YouTube, and have really been enjoying working my way through his content.

He’s a very well-spoken young gentleman whose content focuses primarily on literature and philosophy. Two subjects I wish to dive into more; literature is already a passion of mine, but I’ve also always wanted to begin dabbling in philosophy. So, his videos caught my eye instantly. An added bonus is that he shoots his videos very well and the aesthetics are pleasing on the eye. They give me calm and cosy vibes. He’s someone, like HINDZ that I can snuggle down and watch with a piping hot cuppa.

I will, of course, share more creators and content as I go through this journey of transformation. I would also like to, if I may, shoutout a new blog I started which you can find at – where I share my passions for research, history, and death. Yes, it’s kind of like a dive into death throughout history. So, if you too are interested in a bit of macabre, then why not join me there?

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